Medieval II - Total Wars

Only this week: Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms for PC at a price of 11.99 euros

The game is the extension of the multiple award-winning PC strategy game. It can be divided into four new campaigns. In different battles, one can try conquering the whole world. The game features over 150 new units, new hero characters with strong capabilities on the battlefield, completely new missions, and six new multiplayer scenarios with 20 new custom maps. The brand new American campaign takes you into the year 1519, in the footsteps of Hernán Cortés in its search for the New World. Gains the support of the Spaniards help to you to discover the secrets of this wild continent. On the other hand, you can take control of the Aztecs or the indigenous population and the gods you call for help and the courage of huge armies. More than 75 hours of epic gameplay are guaranteed.

15.7.08 22:56

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